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PSCAD SOFTWARE FREEDOWNLOADCRACKFORWINDOWS i3 crackThe Dutchman will sit alongside Technical Director Owen Whitfield and Head of Advanced Engineering Tim Hudson, who are both hopeful of remaining at the team past the end of 2016.

It seems likely that Renault will announce an announcement of the Technical Director’s role in February.

Hudson looks likely to stay, and Nick Heidfeld is currently contracted for 2017, but it is unclear whether Renault want to keep either driver or if they are both expected to leave.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has denied reports of Max Verstappen being in line to replace Hulkenberg next year.

“I don’t think it’s a position that we have discussed with Red Bull,” said Horner. “I don’t think there is a need. We have Pascal. I think it’s not a good opportunity.

“He’s very happy here and we are really getting on well. There is a good relationship between us. He has done a good job at Toro Rosso. We see no reason to replace him.”

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Assign a value to a new column on pandas by a condition

I have two columns with categorical data and a new column. The new column has the same categorical data but the new value is the value of the first column if the categorical value in the first column is „A“ and the new value is the value of the second column if the categorical value in the first column is „B“.
The values of the first column are:

and the values of the second column are:

The dataframe is:
df = pd.DataFrame({‚A‘: [‚A‘, ‚A‘, ‚A‘, ‚A‘, ‚A‘, ‚A‘],
‚B‘: [‚B‘, ‚B‘, ‚B‘, ‚B‘,

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Not so


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