■ The Tale of the Elden Ring
– Many years ago, a woman and a man were being chased by an evil force.

– They returned safely to the Lands Between, but the man had a curious feeling.

– If you enter the Lands Between, the feeling will be transmitted to you.

– This theme is the main plot of the game.

■ Story Mode
– In Story mode, the story will unfold in order.

– Talk to the NPCS to deepen the story.

– The town of Crowvale and the castles of the Seven Lords of the Elden Ring are locales where the story happens.

– In addition, there are various story elements that will take place in various locations.

– Each time you enter the scene, a new story element unfolds.

■ Extra Mode
– The other game content has been prepared.

– More dungeons, companion quests, and so on are available.

■ The Elden Ring Was Created by a Tree
– In the Lands Between, in the world that exists beyond the Elden Ring, there is a large, solitary tree that spreads its branches into the sky.

– If you commune with this tree, the tree will think of you as a god and guide you.

– The tree allowed you to create the Elden Ring.

■ A Highly Advanced Action RPG
– The game contains many original elements.

– Although the game is an action RPG, it has a system that is not familiar to action RPG fans.

– An exceedingly rich and vast variety of elements, such as the new action system and the amazing quest story have been added.

– Unlike other action RPGs, this game does not require you to memorize the attacks of enemies.

– There is no way to escape this game.

■ Through the Online Play and Character Development Elements
– In addition to in-game actions, you can use the online element of the game to enjoy various quests, races, and so on.

– Furthermore, players can use the Soul which is the database of the Soul of the World.

– Here, you can develop your character by creating your own battle soul.

– You can also battle against the player of the other character.

– There are various quests and in-game actions you can enjoy by combining your own


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • High-quality, Fantasy-inspired game world.
  • RPG system where you obtain EXP by killing monsters and leveling up.
  • Overall quest based story with 24 chapters.
  • High-quality graphics and game world.
  • Four classes, 9 jobs, 7 races, and more.
  • Variety of events, skills, and equipment.
  • Intense online competitive gameplay with up to 40 players.
  • Game World Details:

    • Caves, Thicket, A Forest, A Hills, Dungeons
    • 1. Hunting and Fishing
    • 2. Crafting
    • 3. Exploration
    • Fields, Crafts and Fairgrounds
    • Explosion & Explosion Range Trigger
    • Elden Line, Impregnable
    • Exotic Mine

    RPG System Features:

    • Overall Quest
    • Surprise Attack
    • Skill Point Allocation&User Leveling
    • Party-Based Offline Battle
    • Field AI
    • Character Level Increase and Job and Level Adjustments
    • Strength, Intelligence, Agility, and Perception
    • Magic and Fus Ro Amagi

    Features for the action part:

    • Up to 10 Player online gameplay
    • Character Equilibrium Action battle system
    • Party- and Single-Player Story-based Mode
    • Infinite Monster Stamina in offline mode
    • Tons of Powerful Monsters
    • Solid Single-Player System

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      REVIEWS Elden Ring game:

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      Anyways today I will be reviewing a game called Elden Ring. It’s a fantasy Action RPG developed and published by Northern Hemisphere Productions under the award-winning publisher of Strategy RPG’s such as Dragon’s Dogma, Knights of the Old Republic, XCOM and Skyrim. Elden Ring is a cinematic Action RPG that is more game than the usual “dialogue story games”. In short, it’s a Cinematic Action RPG. This new game from northern hemisphere will take fans of the genre back to the good old days of Enmasse, The Witcher 2 and Bloodborne. It’s worth a mention that it’s a sequel to the popular Elden Ring video game that was released in 2015 but the game is now fully upgraded with new features. With that said, let’s jump into the review of this 2017 Action RPG, All the best.


      As mentioned above, the game is a cinematic action RPG that you will play in the 3rd person view. With a cinematic camera view, the game uses an old school 2D-styled battles in exploration. You will be playing as a captain character with the objective to bring peace and order to the lands between. A war has been brewing and some people are trying to overthrow the throne in order to gain power. As a hero who has just arrived to the lands between, you must explore and gather the information of what’s happening so you can make decisions on who is good and who is evil.


      The graphics in the game are great looking and they’re far better looking than the previous installment. You can see that there is much improvement in terms of graphics between the 2015 and 2017 releases. I mean, they are still animations with some good 3D environments. In this game, we’ve got an upgraded engine and graphics so there are far better looking environments. Sometimes the environments in this game are a bit dark and some of the environments might look a bit dark but overall, the graphics are outstanding. The character designs are also good as well. You will see portraits in the game and they look really good. The character designs will set you apart from others and provide you a unique design for each character


      What’s new:

      Unfinished Elements (i.e.: player stats, magic,…)

      Submit a link to your thread( to Frahanth (has been reported a number of times).

      Lowered requirement to truly ‚be a ‚Lord.
      We also lowered the requirements to join the College of Elden’s ‚Masters‘ club, the Emeritus’s club (found in the growing box), and certain areas of the (lack of) world.
      We also lowered costs that place you at a different advantage than those classes in your college.
      We also allow new initiates into the College of Grengle when there is an opening.
      And we completely overhauled the union system, so that you can form the best union with the lowest prices.
      And more!

      Man, you should stop sounding like you’re either not trying or may not want to reach out to other threads (and players) for help. I’m quite forgiving but I fully understand that you’re on a limited time frame…

      Did you have other topics you wanted to post about, or was this all you wanted to cover?
      Personally I don’t mind so much about the refining changes, but I’m pretty sure the Luxury changes will be met with pretty strong criticism (which I’d prefer if you didn’t offer them).

      The guilds have reactions based on these 11 values – Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Cunning, Endurance, Endurance, Endurance, Dexterity, Charisma, Intellect, and Appearance.
      You can see how all of them will react to the changes in the Effects on School, Guilds, and Union Page for the ‚Guest Life‘ update.
      Guilds have to prove things within 1-12 points.
      Schools have to prove things within 1-8 points.
      Unions have to prove things within -2 to 3 points.

      The last event of the Raid event was changed from level 61-130 to level 99-130. Everyone who hasn’t completed the event completely will lose money due to the 20% exp haver.
      Also we have some final adjustments to the leveling rates (excluding equipment, etc.) – more info available in the News

      Once you reach level 26 or so you can generally create stuff


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      The problem is likely that a font is not specified correctly. For example, if you just have the following code, the first (highlighted) line of the image will be black.
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      You need to set the various font properties


      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

    • Install Game:


    Download a full standalone version from the link below, extract and run the game. It will prompt you to launch the game!


    Use the free download manager or use your own tool, provide the local installation folder.

    • A shortcut should be now created on your desktop.

    I also added a shortcut to the Program Files folder of the Steam. This is optional.

    • Start the game! You are really a Lord now! ?


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