The World’s Most Unique Restaurant, The Atmosphere Is Truly Unusual

Eating at restaurants that are popular with Instagenic places is a common thing, it is the same as eating at restaurants that offer up-to-date food menus. And eating at a restaurant known for its fine cuisine understands something much more commonplace. But, have you ever eaten at the World’s Most Unique Restaurant that has a unique plan, both in terms of the theme of the place and the style of food served?

Restaurants are often the first choice in various situations, whether it’s when you’re getting hungry after work or to celebrate a special occasion with those closest to you. Even though restaurants with a cozy feel and delicious food are sure to give satisfaction that pampers your stomach and all your senses, there are various restaurants around the world that have their own uniqueness so that they know it’s hard to forget.

Sometimes, the dining experience isn’t just about price or food quality. There is something that can make your dining experience enjoyable or not. However, many people prefer a combination of various aspects, starting from taste, price, theme, nuance, and so on, even if they don’t claim to be lovers or even culinary experts. And that combination is what often causes them to keep coming back to a restaurant as regular customers. So, based on this philosophy, here is a list of unique restaurants in the world.

1. Ithaa Restaurant, Maldives

For your information, Ithaa is a local language which means mother of pearl. And this restaurant occupies the first place on this list because of its amazing design, location, and quality of service and food. If most restaurants are built on land, it is different from Ithaa Restaurant which is 4.8 meters away. below sea level Maldives.

Although unique and famous, Ithaa Restaurant can only accommodate a maximum of 14 guests at a time. To reach the restaurant which is part of the Conrad Maldives Rangali resort area, you just have to walk down the spiral staircase. Here, the stunning decoration comes from the original blue color of the ocean and the various species of marine life that you can see through the thick glass that forms the arch.

2. Vertigo Restaurant and Moon Bar, Bangkok

The capital of Thailand has actually long been one of the favorite tourist destinations for tourists from various parts of the world. Apart from offering historical and cultural charm that is hundreds to thousands of years old, Bangkok is also one of the modern cities that offers a wide variety of amazing entertainment. And one of them is Vertigo Restaurant and Moon Bar, a unique restaurant in the world which is located at the top of a skyscraper which is used as the Banyan Tree Hotel. The extreme altitude will surely challenge you, especially if you are not worried about heights. Enjoying the views of Bangkok while sipping cocktails here, you will start as if you are on top of the world.

3. Vista Restaurant, Cambodia

The Most Unique Restaurant in the World is Located in the middle of the Koh Rong Islands in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Vista Restaurant is a member of a private hotel. Guests can reach the restaurant area via a bridge built over a stretch of clear sea water. Besides offering exclusive serenity with a refreshing sea nuance, Vista Restaurant will also pamper your stomach and taste buds with delicious dishes prepared by popular chefs that combine Western cuisine with local flavors.


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