How to download a video from twitter

Twitter is one of the most widely used social media sites, with millions of users all around the globe. Users can broadcast their ideas, thoughts, and even films to an audience of fellow enthusiasts. Yet, some users may find it annoying as Twitter does not include a built-in ability to download videos. Luckily, we’ll go over some of the finest Twitter video downloaders and other methods for getting videos off the social media platform.

Method 1: Use a Twitter video download

The Twitter Video Download is a convenient web service for saving videos from the social media platform. Here are the directions for putting this resource to use:

Locate the Video

Find the tweet containing the video you wish to save and copy its Link. Choose „copy link to tweet“ from the „share“ menu beneath the tweet containing the video to copy the URL.

Next, launch Twitter’s official video downloader.

The next step is to launch your web browser and head on over to Twitter Video Downloader’s official domain.

Third, insert the video’s URL.

Simply copy the video’s URL, then paste it into the Twitter Video Downloader website’s input form.

Save the Video

The download option will become active once the video’s URL has been pasted. The video can be saved to your computer after the downloader generates a download link for it.

Method 2: Use SaveTweetVid

Another online video downloader that works well with Twitter is SaveTweetVid. These are the instructions on how to use this instrument:

First, locate the video.

Choose the Twitter video you wish to save, and copy the link to it. Simply right-click the tweet containing the video and choose „copy link to tweet“ to copy the URL.

Next, open SaveTweetVid.

Click on your browser of choice and get on over to SaveTweetVid’s main page.

Insert the Video’s URL

Simply copy the video’s URL and then paste it into the SaveTweetVid website’s input area.

Save the Video

Click the download button once you’ve pasted the video’s Link. The video can be saved to your computer after the downloader generates a download link for it.

Third Method: A Twitter Video Downloader Add-On

The Twitter Video Downloader add-on for Chrome and Firefox makes it simple to save videos from the social media platform. Below are the actions you need to do to activate this add-on:

First, you must set up the add-on.

To begin, your browser must have the Twitter Video Downloader add-on installed. The add-on can be located in the browser’s add-ons library.

Locate the Video

After you’ve added the extension, head over to Twitter to search for the clip you want to save. To copy the link to the tweet where the video is embedded, click the „share“ button.

The Next Step: Save the Video

To start downloading videos from Twitter, select the add-on from your browser’s toolbar. When you paste a video’s URL into the extension’s search bar, you’ll immediately receive a download link. To save the video to your computer, click the download option.


You can store your favourite videos for later watching or share them with your followers and friends by downloading them from Twitter. Although though there isn’t a native way to save movies to your device from Twitter, you can do it with a number of different add-ons and tool. This post recommends some of the best and most dependable Twitter video downloaders. Start downloading the videos you love from Twitter right now and give them a try!





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