as a slut, the last app i want to add to this list is the hookup site. this is the type of app you use in exchange for money. in to do this, you’ll need to pay for a membership. a membership can cost anywhere from $20-$60 a month.

love-cake is a hookup app that’s been around since 2012. the site’s tag line is “search, interact, and share.” the free version of the app isn’t too bad, but you’ll want to pay for the premium version. the premium version gives you a “daily lift” that lets you find someone to hook up with that’s active.

tinder can be a bit cringe-inducing when a girl sends you a message on a big screen in a movie theater or on a crowded street. tinder co-founder sean rad says he’s been on the receiving end of that scenario and knows what it feels like. the app’s biggest selling point is location. and depending on how far away the potential partner is from your location, it might not work. this app is better for looking for dates as opposed to hookups.

ruprecht admits that her app fell into the hookup category at first, but she’s since made efforts to bring it back to finding a relationship. her app includes features such as exchange numbers, phone calls and personalized messages. it also has locations that’ll help you search for people based on where you are.

cougar life is a social app created for women who are looking to date older men. it’s currently available on the ios and android app stores and in some retail locations. cmb is billed as a dating site for older women, but it really has nothing to do with a person’s age or experience when starting a relationship. cougar life operates with a simple, though slick, premise: members are encouraged to type out detailed profiles. this app can be pretty offensive, and i’ve heard plenty of stories from members who say they’ve been harassed by other members. but it’s also pretty effective at getting results.


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