while it may be convenient, we don’t really consider it a hookup app, even though that’s what most of the people we talk to use it for. you can swap pictures, make plans to hang out, and even go on a date at https://anotepad.com/notes/6wm7kigbany time. however, when you match up, you do so in the context of a real-life scenario. so, for example, if someone wants to meet up at a specific time and place for a date, you can agree to meet before agreeing to meet up for a hookup. that date could easily be a date for someone who you eventually consider a girlfriend or even a future wife.

there are apps that are geared toward hookups. and there are apps for people who are looking for nothing more than a quick hookup. tinder really is an app where you swipe to quickly screen out people you don’t want to see. but those who meet with people don’t necessarily want to see them. there are no on or off switches on these apps, but there are plenty of filters on the ones i’ve recommended here, making it easier to find the right people.

bumble has something that has proven to be quite popular among most dating apps: the „no strings attached“ approach. it’s easy to open up a conversation with someone on bumble, but they need to message you. if you message back, you can agree to meet up at any time and any place you both want. conversely, if you get rejected, the other person can’t do anything about it. some people do wish there was a way to hide your profile, but that would also prevent you from meeting new people.

although clover doesn’t focus on meeting up, it is still a good app for meeting people because of the ease of chat. plus, you can add a few of your best friends to your account, increasing the chances of meeting other users with similar interests. however, the algorithm can be kind of hit or miss. luckily for clover, it says it has nearly 6 million users, of which over 85% are between the ages of 18 and 30.



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