Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system developed by Roblox Corporation that allows users to program games and play games created by other users. Roblox’s programming language is Lua and the platform allows users to create games using intuitive and block-based programming. Roblox users can create a variety of games, such as fighters, virtual world games, and FPSs. After creating their game, users can publish it to any of the platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Most games take a few minutes to minutes to program and a few seconds to boot. Roblox allows its users to create and play games in a virtual world and choose from more than 300 video, audio, and image files. Roblox has been described as the “Minecraft of Animation” because it uses animation to create cutscenes, many user-created games involve characters or other objects moving, and some are even 3D. Most Roblox games are programmed in real-time, however, a few use the World of Warcraft-like streaming system known as Update Streams.
The Roblox platform has a set of tools that allow users to create content for other users, including emotes and avatars. There are few guides or tutorials for creating new content, and most tutorials focus on programming more complex challenges. Roblox also has a social network for users to join and connect with one another to play games and build community. Roblox has had numerous projects, including ClayMan, a game that uses Lego blocks, as well as the World Adventures series, a series of popular MMOFPSs. One of the platform’s most popular games is the game Ark: Survival Evolved.
The Roblox website was first hosted on the eponymous domain and offered free downloads, tutorials, and other support. The game company took over the domain in June 2013 and has since been selling both Robux and ads to fund the site. The website’s redesign was unveiled in January 2015. The site has had frequent content updates, including the introduction of new games, video, and microtransactions, and the 2016 Roblox Rewind.
Roblox Highlights:
1. Crafters: A New Breed of Video Game Creator
2. The Roblox Rewind
3. „Roblox The Movie“
4. The New RoBLoxx
5. Over 31 Million Monthly Active Users


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re: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Roblox is Coming to the Masses

Thanks for the heads up, I haven’t heard of it before!


In the next couple of weeks, Roblox will be rolling out two new options that should appeal to parents of young children.First off, the service will come to Windows 8.1 and Windows 8, the tablets (and PCs) most often used by those of all ages. You can begin with these devices, but you’ll also be able to take the service into the home through Smart TVs running Windows Media Center as well.

In addition, Roblox is also rolling out many updates to its mobile games for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.To make things easy, Roblox is rolling all these updates into a single set of updates that start later this month. Just add a device to your account and voila! You’ll receive all of these updates at once.

Finally, our engineers have spent the last two years making sure that Roblox is both very easy to use, and that it runs even well on computers with far lower processing power than the Surface Pro or the second iPad. We’re ready, and we think you will be, too.

At the end of August, the first content rollouts will begin. The first is the release of Cloud Play, which allows users to play Roblox games without an internet connection. Players simply launch a game on Roblox, sign in to their Roblox account, and play.

The next rollouts will be game play updates. These updates are aimed at improving the “user experience” on existing games, and will initially be fairly small. Although they will affect your monthly bandwidth use, they’ll also be small.

Finally, we’ll be adding new content. This will be much larger than the changes to the existing games, and will take us into the end of September. We’re excited to share this new content with you.

I won’t post the whole article, but some of the points that I like the most:

Other than describing the interface, not only are they trying to improve the ‘User Experience’, but to also make it an app that can be used in the classroom


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Burning in the Rain

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bathed in amber light,
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