A fantasy action RPG that combines the vast open world of the Lands Between and the exciting battles of the fantasy world.
As a Tarnished Lord, you live in a fantasy world where your ancestors forged the powerful Elden Ring and became the rulers of the Lands Between.
The lands that surround the Elden Ring have developed differently and are full of the history of your ancestors. Through exploration, you will be free to choose the path of your own heart and the fate of the Elden Ring.
Explore the Lands Between
In the Lands Between, the lands surrounding the Elden Ring are diverse, containing plains as well as mountains, oceans, lakes, and deserts.
Various monsters and humans who live in the Elden Ring exist in the Lands Between.
Through exploration, you can discover these areas and gain access to the dungeons within.
Curious and Exciting Battles
A feast for the eyes and minds, combat is action-packed and intense.
Encounter the terrifying Elden Lord or challenge other players in fierce battles.
Discover a World Full of Intrigue
Intrigue, deception, and betrayal weave their way through the Lands Between.
Be careful not to fall into the trap of believing lies.
Explore and Battle with Rich Storylines
Storytelling in the form of text, illustrations, and audio.
The story is rich and layered, and the characters you encounter along the way will give you exciting and unexpected encounters.
The fantasy world in which you live will change based on how you develop your character.
A world brimming with mystery where the fate of the Elden Ring hangs in the balance.
The player is free to move around the game world while moving their character, such as exploring and summoning monsters.
Characters and Items are displayed with a 3D model, allowing you to freely see the items on your hand and enemies in the vicinity.
Fight with Overwhelm
Use devastating attacks and strike enemies in overwhelming numbers.
The battles you encounter are tense and exciting.
Experience the Essence of Fantasy in Action
The fantasy action RPG does not ask much of the player: you do not have to take on any enemies, and you will not feel any pressure when saving.
Player’s Choice
Freely customize your character and items with a simple and easy interface.
A Convenient Game Space
Saving and storing of player’s items can be done while staying in the game, allowing for easy


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Create your own character and utilize various class combinations.
  • A vast world full of exciting battles.
  • Form a party and fight together with your friends, forming a formidable guild.
  • Online gameplay where other players can join.
  • Customize weapons, items, class and equipment with a variety of combinations.
  • The online play feature allows you to take on challenging offline events, which will allow you to accumulate battle experience and rewards in realtime.
  • Upcoming class customization feature:
    We’re going to add a feature that will let players choose the equipped weapons and passives by combining those associated with skill levels up to 5 (character has Skill Levels L, M and H, L = White, M = Green, H = Blue). For example, a White L5 Sword and White L2 Shield will be a White L5 Sword + White L3 Shield.

    The game already has class combinations such as Sword Warriors, Magic Knights, Intelligent Clerics and Undead Clerics and many more, and we plan to have class combinations up to Skill Level S.

    Also: You can form parties of up to 3 players in offline!

    For the class customization system, we plan to have the following combinations of skills associated with the classes:
    White, Black, Green, Blue. And we’ll add more as we make more equipment.

    Features for the future:

    • A new feature for equipment choice.
    • A new feature for choosing class skins and class gear.

    Look forward to seeing you in the Elden Ring.

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    – The Staff of SELF

    – July 28, 2016 –



    Elden Ring [Latest-2022]

    RISE · TARNISH · BE GRIEVED. By BobD@ca.ibm.com — Clearly an awesome RPG – it takes me about four hours (non-mandatory) to finish. Being a ninja, my highest speed is 400 unless i stop to see what happend, wheyh I can be 2048′(which is ***). The game is awesome – you spend 90-100 hours of your life helping create a rutine while having to hit that snooze button most of the time, start the game and then play for at least two hours. It has the most uniceus aspects to it which I wgetch I could not create. The difficulty is really easy and you can beat the game in about 20 hours if you do the grind. The game is really fun. You actually become a part of the story. The Narusake(the win) is a little easier. I used a 21.99(very cheap) chip/cartridge.

    By dhe 11/10/07 — This game deserves to be on the top. While most RPG’s leave you wanting for more, since that time with Oblivion, I feel that this is the most solid. The amazing part is the way the story is developed. The voice acting is top-notch (except for a few), the graphics are just amazing (meaning I cannot stop looking at them), and of course, the gaming is only enhanced. More than that, it is challenging, addictive, and the last word in all that is the world that is created. If you can master this game, you can safely say that you have got a gamer.

    By Jaein 12/01/07 — This game is worth it! It is one of the best action rpg’s I have ever played. It can get a little repetitive, but the replayability is great. Its sound is great, and the picture is on par with the best. The storyline is a little confusing but other than that, it’s all great. A great buy.

    By shinshu 12/05/07 — I liked this game. I don’t have the depth for a typical RPG, but the game is engaging with the continuous story, and the world is great. I would recommend this for anybody looking for a new game.

    By Htsr 12/22/07 — This game is addicting. I spent 300 hours playing it and I don’t plan on stopping


    Elden Ring Download X64

    As players move through this game, they must complete a series of quests to activate Risen Talents and learn skills that will help in defeating enemy monsters. During their adventures, the player will be able to find a variety of weapons and items, which are customizable by equipping combinations of them. At the end of each quest, the player gains EXP and increases the levels of their character. In addition, by defeating monsters, the player will be able to obtain skills that can be used to increase their ability to fight against enemies. When a player’s level reaches a specific point, the player is able to perform a quest known as “mana exchange,” which grants additional EXP that will allow the player to reach their level goal even faster. The EXP and skill points acquired allow players to develop their skills and level up their characters.

    Here are some of the important features:

    ▲ Recruit the help of the world’s most fearsome monsters (Elden Lords) to complete Quests.
    ▲ You can gain EXP from defeating enemies.
    ▲ You can also gain EXP through Quest completed Rewards.
    ▲ A variety of quests are available to experience.
    ▲ Quest completion Rewards allow you to increase your character’s level.
    ▲ The EXP and skill points acquired allow players to level up their characters.
    ▲ Players are also able to change their character classes after leveling up.
    ▲ When a player’s level reaches a specific point, players can perform a quest called “mana exchange,” which grants additional EXP, allowing the player to reach their level goal even faster.
    ▲ After completing Mana Exchange, you will be able to access the World Map of the Lands Between.
    ▲ The World Map of the Lands Between and the great map will let you know the location of exciting monsters for you to encounter.
    ▲ When you see monsters in your map, you will be notified if they are your target in the near future.
    ▲ You can also mark specific areas to explore in your map.
    ▲ You can use your “Expert Traits” to increase your chances of finding rare items.
    ▲ And much more!
    Weapons and Armor
    ▲ All of the weapons, armor, and items are customizable, depending on your preferred play style.
    ▲ A wide variety of weapons are available for players to equip.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Development Team

    Head of Operations: Nobuhiro Hosoya

    Art & Visual Director: Tatsuya Kobayashi

    System Programmer: Yosuke Yamaji

    System Programmer: Hiroaki Shinozuka

    Music Production: Hiroki Horiuchi

    Release: 2015/12/04 MS&

    Front-facing Development Team


    Director: Yuichi HIKANE

    Manager: Soichi HIZUKA

    Scenario & Battle Script: Ryutaro TANNUCHI

    Story & Character Design: Masanori SAWADA & Tetsuya KAWARAZAKI

    Concept Design: MAMAKI & KOICHIKUMA

    UI Design: KAZUO & NONO

    Programmer & Graphics Designer: Yoshi HANASHI

    Audio & Music: DAISUKE KUMAWA & Kakeru WAKAYAMA

    Sound Director: Fumito UEDA

    3D Design: Gouha GITOMAKI

    3D Modeling: Seiichi MATSUKI

    Programming: Masayuki TAKAHASHI & Isao MAKIMURA

    Localization: KAZUKI MIKAWA & Masaki YASUDA

    Voice Acting: Nikkatsu KORINOSHITA

    Character Director: Hiroki Horiuchi

    Character Scriptwriter: KAZUO & Rieko STOKUHARA

    Voice Actor (Tokusatsu): Ryoji Takamatsu &


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    Enjoying this game? please rate it and write a review..

    Comments (73)

    I Love it!!!!!this game is amazing.i make a new character all my weapons i get from bitting are the same and my armor is the same also!! i love the first level when you start training and the second level with the training level 1 when u fight the 4 arena!! i could never find any thing that would really happen in the game the game has good graphics and the characters are cute!!! it’s nice to be in the beginning with your name. i had a lot of fun with this game i also own the god of war. to i hope the game gets some mods.

    ABeautiful game with a very simple concept which is beauty in graphics. it just has the basics of fantasy adventure games, combat and in this game, many different dungeons with interesting dungeons also. and i really like this game also the character you created are pretty cute and simple but this is just enough to make you enjoy it.

    This game has a lot of potential as a MMO and has well written dialogue and has a very complex dungeon system. i think it should be included as a free update as a stock game because it is nowhere near the ending of the game even after a year


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Launch Games.Immersia.EldenRing, click „Install“ at the panel on the bottom left, and click „Yes“ when the installation is complete.
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  • Let’s Play Elden Ring:

    • Purchase an account on Eldenring.com. When you log in, you can select the server that you want. They have English, French, Korean, German, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese servers.
    • Start the game by clicking the server that you want on your screen. You will be prompted to start the game automatically.
    • You will see a list of the information on the left side of the screen.
    • Main menu – Press the „B“ button
    • You will see the system screen in the right. To move, press the „C“ button
    • The map will be showed in the center of the screen.
    • There are different stages where you can fight against enemies. You will see enemies in the upper-right portion of the screen.
    • To level up, press the „A“ button.

    How To Crack the Game:


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