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Electrical Engineering Graduate Program (Power Electronics and Drives), more than… Joseph Vithayatil, „Power Electronics“, Tata McGraw Hill. —–
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[JOSEPH VITHAYATHIL] Power Electronics: Principles and Applications (McGraw Hill Education) read [PDF]

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Power Electronics: Principles and Applications is a book written by Joseph Vithayathil, which became the latest bestselling technology book in its class. It has been published in Oct 25, 1995 under the imprint of McGraw-Hill Education. It is the latest edition of his earlier published book „Power Electronics: Principles and Applications“ (10/94). The book is designed to help the readers to successfully understand how to make use of this technology, and what are the benefits that can be obtained by using this technology.

It is a book written in both the technical and non-technical language style. The non-technical language is in general for those, who are not familiar with the technical language. It covers an entire chapter of the cutting edge technology, such as the design, power conversion, switching circuits, the measurement, the simulation and the model building.

According to the website of this book, it provides a lot of new information to the readers. According to this website, it provides over 1200 new diagrams and illustrations and over 800 new problems and exercises. Its target audience is intended for all the engineers, managers, and executives as well.

Author Notes

Joseph Vithayathil (Joseph George Vithayathil), the author of the book „Power Electronics: Principles and Applications,“ is an associate professor of electrical engineering at The University of Texas at Dallas. He has published numerous papers in the areas of power electronics, power-source and distribution system applications, circuit analysis, and mathematical analysis. He has developed several prototype devices and methodologies to improve power converters in alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) domain. He has worked with many undergraduate and graduate students. More information can be found at



As the name of the book indicates, it is a book that teaches the theory, practical application and as well the design of Power Electronics. It is having more than 1200 new diagrams and illustrations, and also more than 800 new problems and exercises.

Divided into 7 chapters

1. Introduction

Chapter 1 is a very basic introduction for the book. It briefly introduces the basic concepts of power electronics. It also briefly introduces the basic applications, the advantages



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