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Is there any possible way to install quantstrat vignettes package in R?

I would like to work with quantstrat package. The problem is that there is no vignettes in R package version 0.9.3. I can find all the documentation in vignettes package, but there is no.Rmd files to load those documentation.
I was wondering if there is any way to install the vignettes package in R. I can’t make contact with the package creator, the only way to contact them is through email.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Thanks a lot.


There is a way to build the vignettes for the quantstrat package by using winbuilder.winbuilder. Now it is not as complete as the documentation because many options are not documented. However this is the only way I have found to build vignettes for quantstrat.
Just have a look at the winbuilder.winbuilder package and the makeVignette function which you can use to generate the vignettes.
I am not sure what you mean by „The problem is that there is no vignettes in R package version 0.9.3“. The code




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