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I realized that I am a lazy programmer, and I saved the script to my desktop.
I am running Windows 7, 64 bit.


The file you are looking for is in your download folder with the name of the program.
I am not familiar with the software you are trying to run, but that is where you would look.

THE Humane Society of Ventura County is updating its website to provide more detailed information about the agency’s programs.

The agency has expanded its web pages to include more detailed information about its spay-neuter programs, including the number of animals processed each year.

The Society’s rescue group is the only humane society in the county that does full-service spay-neuter.

It is a lifesaving service for all pets, especially dogs, at little to no cost to the pet’s owner.

Part of the group’s service involves taking the animals from their homes in the South Bay and bringing them to the shelter in Camarillo. There they are medically evaluated and triaged before being placed in foster care until a suitable home is found for them. After completing the foster care process, the animals are returned to their homes.

For more information about the Society’s services, visit

To learn about the process of adopting a pet at the Humane Society of Ventura County, visit[Retrograde biliary leakage. Role of segmental coeliac vagotomy].
Retrograde biliary leakage (RL) is a complication of cholecystectomy which has a lethal outcome in 2-5% of patients. In the majority of cases it is associated with pancreatic surgery. In pancreatic surgery RL is often treated conservatively with no significant mortality. In less than 1% of cases RL is associated with the use of segmental vagotomy. We describe a patient who developed RL 12 days after surgery for pancreatic cancer. The patient was operated through a laparotomy. A pancreaticoduodenectomy was performed and reconstruction of the digestive continuity was performed with a jejunal loop. Despite placement of a drainage and a transhiatal gastrojejunal anastomosis, RL occurred. RL was corrected by segmental coeliac vagotomy. The patient is asymptomatic and has been discharged with temporary external drainage and fasting. RL is not an unusual complication after pancreatic resections. Conservative

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I am trying to download Eclipse from the Ubuntu software centre and the section that shows up is:-

I cannot click on the Eclipse icon to download it as it says „The application can’t be found“.
When I search for eclipse in the software centre the icon shows up under all the items for new versions of software I have just downloaded so I am trying to download it again but when I search for eclipse it doesnt show up. I have also tried updating my repositories but its the same result.
Can anyone help with this?


There is no „Eclipse“ application on the Software Centre. There are some Eclipse-like packages, which include plugins (e.g. the PyDev plugin), but none of them includes the main executable.
I’m pretty sure the problem you’re seeing is with the search results. The software centre doesn’t currently have any mirrors for the main ISO.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously agreed to hold a hearing into whether Airbnb should be able to advertise on public property. The hearing was sparked by a proposal to put a six-month moratorium on all short-term rental listings, according to Curbed SF. The vote was made at a public board meeting, and now the moratorium is in place for about a year.

The Planning Department estimates there are around 50,000 short-term rentals in the city and up to 90,000 in the Bay Area overall. This means that 55 percent of Airbnb’s revenue came from San Francisco in 2016. The company said that it had over $13.5 million in revenue in the city last year, and $66 million in total nationwide.

Among other issues, the moratorium covers Airbnb listings in residential zones, and private yards. In the short-term rental area, the board also wants to curb Airbnb’s home sharing, which are listings that don’t meet the requirements of the city’s rent control ordinance. There are also plans to ban short-term rentals in apartment buildings that have more than


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