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Validate JQuery object properties for typeof

I have a field where the user must enter text (and not just numbers, so no Number(10)):
Number(10) // OK
10 // OK
10.4 // OK
„10.4“ // OK

I want to validate the input to make sure it is a number and not another string. I know I could do something like this:
if(typeof(Number(10)) == „Number“){
// it’s a number, do something with it

I’m wondering if there is a simpler way to do this, possibly using JQuery’s „isX“ function. I tried using isNumber:
// it’s a number, do something with it

…but that didn’t work. I have also tried isNumeric, isNaN, and other tests, but nothing worked.


Combine it with regex to check whether the string is a number:
// it’s a number, do something with it

The strrist starts with a digit ^, followed by any number of digits [0-9]* and ends by the end with a digit$


Why doesn’t my regex consume my string when using lookahead?

I’m trying to extract a URL from a string that looks like this:
$string = ‚

I’m trying to use PHP pre

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