A plague has swept across the land, turning all that is in its path to ruin. It’s up to one determined boy and his trusty robot companion to embark on a quest to find a cure to this evil once and for all. Armed with a seemingly indestructible sword, the boy must combat the twisted horrors that lie in wait, unleashing chaos and destruction on his path to victory. And you thought you hated the 8-bit era…

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Huge Environment For Challenging Platforming

Intense Combat

Explore a Huge Play Area for Fast-Paced Action

About THE GAME Slain: Back from Hell:
Set in a dark, decaying world overrun by demons, Slain: Back from Hell is a challenging action platformer with a focus on thrilling combat. Through an epic story, the player must battle four beasts with ancient ties to Slain himself. Hundreds of fiendish enemies will stand in your path, but if you can survive, you will uncover Slain’s dark past and defeat him once and for all.

Full Game Description
Slain is the standard-bearer of the classic 8-bit action-platforming genre, re-creating the power and exhilaration of those games in a game where you have far fewer lives than before. You control an armstrong boy named Simon Belmont, who in this game is accompanied by the massive bio-organic machine, Slain.

On a dire quest to discover what has destroyed his village, Simon and Slain must descend through seven levels of a massive dungeon to locate the one who will empower Simon and end the threat of this corrupted world forever.

Survive the most brutal action platforming experience yet.

Key Features:

Perfect retro platforming gameplay using a two-button control scheme, only available on Nintendo Switch

Re-create the classic 8-bit action-platforming experience, with more lives than ever before

Explore a massive open world with 9 levels, 13 different enemies, and dozens of hidden shortcuts and secrets

Fight with several new enemies, including some of the most grotesque bosses you’ve ever seen

The game does still leave several flaws like not allowing you to save anywhere which is unfortunate but you’ll have a hard time dying in the game unless you fall into one of the holes in the game and the game does a really good job at helping you know when you are about to fall


Features Key:

  • Story driven 4-player party RPG with tactical positioning
  • Play as a 2D rag doll and shape the world with your soldiers (and personalities)
  • Hundreds of hours of gameplay for the Linux version and only 120 for the Mac
  • Use a logic system that will keep everything balanced, entertaining, and satisfying
  • Over 100 thousands of game scenarios and hundreds of costumes with unique abilities
  • Not just a war and tactics, this is a story filled with intrigue, political and personal interests, and a major reveal
  • Features a cover system and full screen mode for really immersive game sessions!
  • Dead Ringer Game Key features:

    • Gorgeous anime styled graphics
    • 3D Medieval World map
    • 40 hours of gameplay for the Linux version and only 20 for the Mac OS X version
    • 50+ tactics only 2 hours long
    • Tons of beautifully animated cutscenes
    • Not as flashy but probably easier on the eye

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    Price :

    $4.95 USD


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    – Much of the game is based on the foundation of a game, but we also make ourselves.

    Added a recording! Dated: 8 May 2019


    You must have Steam installed (check the game’s page for more information).

    Right click on the downloaded folder and go to Properties. Then, press Local Files tab and click Open File Location. Go back to where you installed the game and press Open. Then press Play from Local Files (folder). The game will be installed on your computer.


    The Hawk – one of the most dangerous noontime predator, but under the cover of the night, even he runs away, scared, when he sees the Owl. One wonderful (or horrible) day, storm separated Owlet with his nest, and now because of that he had to face his worst nightmares.
    Can you find a new home to little Owlet, or are you going to seal his fate with the first rays of the sun?
    Everything depends on you.Planned features
    Trading CardsCurrent features
    9 levels filled with dangerous obstacles. Take away all fragile stuff. Creators are not responsible for broken goods.The game has it’s own atmosphere, which could be your cup


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    -Inclusion of mods

    -All game files can be packed as a single, compact archive

    -Loading the game is as easy as opening the archive in a free ware package

    -Load Order (Cfg):

    -Cfg: game, mods, and „basic“ maps for optional maps list

    -Demo: if game is demo

    -Mods: folder of mods

    -Optional Maps: folder of the mods, 1.5 mil minimum

    -Asma / Optional Map: „is compatible with Asma“

    -All files are located in: ‚Mods‘ folder

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    -added 10 new characters + 1 boss

    -restored 50 animations, some animations can be saved in the LOD files

    -replaced stock Character cards and armors

    -added Asma mod, compatible with this game


    -added 1 new boss

    -added controller support for windows and linux players

    -added some improvements on the LOD and cutscenes

    -improved box art


    -added toggle for editor/quickstart on the preloader screen



    What’s new:

    Self Defense Products (June 13, 2016)

    The Pandion Arms company has offered an assortment of products to its customers since 2011 – one of the last successful firearm companies that offered an entire line of products in addition to guns.

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    However, I have been in rifles since I was a kid, so maybe I am not the best person to comment on this. I have seriously thought about doing it, but to this point of writing about it I still have not told my wife, and I’m not sure if I am ready to do it. From my experience, it would be a fairly simple job in my opinion.”

    Stan declined to comment on the price of the magazine.

    NEXT PAGE: Ghost Guns

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    When a natural disaster resulted in the death of almost all the population of a planet, Taurus 01 survived. A makeshift government was created in order to hide and study the non natural disaster that happened. Four years later, the terraforming process is still ongoing and the planet is in a critical condition. The nationalistic factions are at war, accusing the other of acting too much in the process of human colonization. The breach of the planet is through a huge wall where a lot of mutated creatures can be found.

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    Full HD Co-op FPS shooter game about struggling to save a small planet from alien invasion.
    Experience the adventure and cooperation in the first global co-op FPS shooter about struggling to save a small planet from alien invasion.
    A massive alien invasion takes place on Earth and it’s up to you to save the world from extinction.
    Gameplay is quite similar to Counter Strike or other first-person-shooter games. You play in co-op and will fight for survival, similar to the classic zombie games.
    This is an anime-style game, inspired from the most popular anime series of all time – – Monster Hunter.

    The year is 2132, Earth is destroyed, and humanity is able to reach and travel to alternate universes (known as dimensions). The ‚Arc System‘ is an automated system of transportation that was built to provide affordable mass transit to every planet in every universe.
    Players take on the roles of three beings: the Guardian, the Doctor and a nameless Captain. They are members of an elite strike team and must work together to try to save all realities.

    In the near future


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    System Requirements For Future Proof:

    All of the VRFocus articles on NVIDIA VRWorks and NVIDIA VR are written in English. To improve readability and accessibility of this article on the VRZone website, we have made use of:
    You will need a gaming computer capable of running the game at a high enough graphics settings, you will also need a suitable VR headset. There are three types of virtual reality headsets available: PC headsets, mobile headsets and Steam VR headsets. We will be focusing on the PC and mobile headsets, for Steam VR, please see our SteamVR article. The Unity VR games engine is used to


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