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Hydra is an open source web browser that provides features such as RSS reader, YouTube downloader, bookmarks, browser history, Firewall, anti-phishing, auto-form fill, translator and several utilities.
The tool integrates a ribbon-like interface with a tabbed menu and several sidebars with history, bookmarks and RSS feeds. Unfortunately, the mix between the aforementioned implementations is not a successful one, as the layout looks crowded and not particularly intuitive.
The Back and Forward buttons, which are the most used ones when navigating on the Internet, can only be found in the Home menu, so if you want to access the Edit, Favorites & Sidebars, Security & Settings, Tools and RSS, they disappear.
Good news is that you can work in a multi-tabbed environment and automatically refresh a page at a user-defined time (in seconds).
Bookmark manager, YouTube downloader and other handy features
Hydra features a powerful bookmark manager where you can keep track of all your favorite URLs and save them in a user-defined category and group.
What’s more, you can download videos from YouTube and save them on your computer for offline viewing, work with a set of JavaScript functions, activate a simple mode for hiding the advanced features, and go fast forward/backward.
Other useful features worth being mentioned enable you to collect parts of webpages using the copy/paste method and merge the information into a single page, import IE favorites, work with a calendar, to-do list, unit convertor, and RSS feed reader, and access various preset webpages that are organized in different categories, such as News, Finance, Games, Lifestyle and Technology.
Security and general settings
Hydra gives you the possibility to block ads and popups, enable the anti-phishing mode, clear history, typed URLs, cookies, temporary files and cache on exit, use auto-fill forms and auto-logins, and disable ActiveX, Java and frames.
You can install extensions, make use of mouse gestures for performing several actions (e.g. go back or forward, exit the application), block background sounds, images and videos, remove IE navigation sounds, and set Hydra as your default web browser.
Bottom line
All in all, Hydra comes with a handy suite of features for helping you navigate in a secure environment. On the downside, the layout looks crowded and the web browser needs a major facelift for making the entire process intuitive.

Hydra Browser

Hydra is a web browser that brings all the power of Internet Explorer to the next level with its sleek and modern look and its extremely easy to use.
* Enhanced IE engine
* Tabbed interface
* Built-in RSS reader
* Download videos from YouTube
* Add and edit bookmarks
* Zoom in and out of website
* Auto-fill forms and web logins
* Browser settings panel
* New tab/window manager
* Translate website (more than 46 languages)
* Auto-assign bookmarks to categories (no more bookmarks forgotten)
* Download images and create thumbnails
* Easily manage bookmarks
* Manage server proxy settings
* Block access to annoying and dangerous webpages
* Unit converter
* Power of extensions
* Tabbed browsing
* Import from IE favorites
* Password management
* Back and forward history
* Built-in translation
* Download when exiting browser
* Built-in download manager
* Cineplex 360 minutes with a single click
* Instant access to Spotify app
* System tray menu
* Support for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP
* Support for Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile and Windows Mobile Classic
* Support for HTC Trophy, HTC Pulse, HTC Wildfire, HTC Tattoo and HTC Trophy Ultra
* Support for HTC and NVIDIA Tegra
* Support for multi-core processors
* Support for Direct3D 11
* Support for OpenGL 3.2, OpenGL 3.1, OpenGL 2.1, OpenGL 2.0
* Support for iOS 4.3 and above
* Support for Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite
* Support for Chrome
* Support for Firefox
* Support for Safari
* Support for Opera
* Support for Konqueror
* Support for Galileo, Kurzweil and Vivaldi browsers
* Support for Vivaldi
* Support for Blackberry OS 6 and above
* Support for Blackberry OS 5 and below
* Support for Blackberry PlayBook
* Support for Opera Mini
* Support for Moto X
* Support for Kindle Fire
* Support for Android
* Support for Androids 2.3 and above
* Support for Amazon Kindle Fire
* Support for Android TV
* Support for HTC EVO View
* Support for Kindle Fire HDX
* Support for Kindle Fire HD 7″
* Support for Kindle Fire HD 8.9″

Hydra Browser Full Product Key

Hydra is an easy to use, stable browser from Microsoft. It’s a web browser that comes with powerful features such as RSS feed reader, auto-fill, bookmarks, downloads, to-do lists, unit convertor and anti-phishing.

Hydra is a user-friendly and feature-rich web browser. Although it’s a work in progress, there is no doubt it deserves your attention.

Home, Back, Forward
Hydra comes with a good layout that includes an easily accessible ribbon interface with a menu bar, four buttons, a side bar and a status bar.
The main menu consists of the Home, Back, Forward and Home tabs. The latter one has also the New Window and New Tab options, which lead to the Download Manager and Favorites menu.
Back and Forward (the former is also known as Go Back and Go Forward) enables you to return to the page you were viewing before, if you close it and reopen, or if you press the specific key.
The Home tab comes with the Bookmarks, History, Options, Search Engines, Downloads, Plug-ins, and Search Bar options.
History gives you the possibility to clean the cache of the web browser on exit, delete all entries, clear saved passwords, or turn on/off the auto-fill feature.
The Options tab includes the security settings (the Anti-phishing, the Cookies, the JavaScript, the Pop-up, the Downloads, the Temporary Files, the Clear On Exit, and the Proxy options), which comes with a slider for blocking pop-ups and ads, allowing you to control how many you want to block.
Hydra Browser Features:
The main feature that you can find in the tool is the RSS feed reader, which enables you to import, organize, and view all the RSS posts you receive from various websites you want.
Hydra also comes with a bookmark manager that lets you organize your bookmarks in order to save them in different categories and groups. If you want to copy a specific URL or page as a shortcut, you can do so using the Copy option.
With the Copy page feature, you can also import the Google Bookmarks list in order to configure Hydra as your Google Search.
Another thing that you can do to make Hydra work as a browser is downloading videos from the Internet. Hydra’s video downloader enables you to save and play videos from YouTube in a user-defined format.
You can also

What’s New in the?

Hydra browser is one of the best browser that comes with all necessary features that come with every browser.

Haze Browser is a cross-platform and built-in web browser that allows you to create your own personal browser.
You can use Haze Browser to do whatever and whenever you want, including creating your own browser preferences, managing bookmarks, saving web pages, taking notes, and more.
This browser supports Chrome extensions. You can use your own extensions and you don’t need to bother with updates. You can try out the latest version of the browser in the Canary and Dev channels or download the recommended stable version.
Haze Browser can be launched from your user folder on Mac or Linux, or from a shortcut in Windows. It can also be installed in multiple locations.
Extensions enable you to use your own personal browser preferences, manage bookmarks, and take notes.
All extensions will be displayed in the user menu. You can also use the „browser actions“ to customize the browser.
Some features include a dedicated process control window, a user script manager, and a built-in bookmarks and history manager. You can also manage a project with a private sidebar or a presentation mode.
Below are the main features of the browser:
Manage and install your own browser extensions
In this Haze Browser option, you can add, remove, and disable extensions.
You can even uninstall preinstalled extension.
You can enable or disable background features, such as auto fill and tracking features.
You can enable security settings, such as click counter, pop up blocker, and media settings.
Settings for each extension
You can control the following settings for each of your extensions:
Delete all tabs
Uninstall extensions and settings
Delete all bookmarks
Delete all download history
Set extensions to load automatically
Add your own bookmarks and history
Add new bookmarks and history
Include or exclude URL from history
Select the list item
Use the browser in full screen mode
Support system version
If your browser version is not supported, you can use the following options:
Visit the Chrome store
You can directly add the Haze Browser to Chrome Store.
Create your own Firefox profile
You can create your own Firefox profile.
If you don’t want to use the default profile, you can create your own.
„Create Windows in the future“ or „Create new tab from the past“
You can choose the shortcuts to create new tabs in the future


System Requirements:

High CPU. Low CPU. High CPU. Low CPU. Medium. High CPU.
High RAM (minimum). Medium. Medium. Low RAM. High RAM (recommended).
High Resolution. Low Resolution. Medium Resolution. High Resolution.
For the best experience possible you should be running your PC on the settings described below.
Get the best graphics you can afford. For games, you can run the game on settings that are not the best, but if you want to play the game in a fair environment and get the most out of your graphics card



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