SharePoint Document Viewer Crack + Product Key 2022 [New]

Use this application to view various types of files (PDF, web pages, Office documents and Office files, Text documents, Images, etc.) from SharePoint Library. Use this application to view files from SharePoint and SharePoint and SharePoint List.

The application enables you to view and edit documents as well as edit web pages in various formats (HTML, PDF, DOC, XLS, PS, XML, PNG, JPEG, GIF) from SharePoint and SharePoint and SharePoint List.

SharePoint Document Viewer Serial Key Features:

View files:


Web Page

MS Office

Text Document


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SharePoint Document Viewer Crack+ Full Product Key Free [Win/Mac] 2022 [New]

SharePoint Document Viewer Cracked Version is a handy tool that enables you to easily open various MS Office files from the SharePoint library.
Using this application you can view PDFs, web pages, MS Office documents, text files and images. The application supports file formats from MS Office 2003, 2007,.
Once your file is open, you have the freedom to zoom in and fit the document to page or to the preview window as well as preview the pages in thumbnail size.
SharePoint Document Viewer requires.NET Framework version 2.0
What’s New:
Bug fixes
Requirements:.NET Framework

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SharePoint Document Viewer Free Download

Use the SharePoint Document Viewer application to view various file formats, such as MS Office document files,.txt, web pages, PDFs, images. This application is a free download that provides a convenient way to open various file formats.
Unlike most others, SharePoint Document Viewer only provides options to open MS Office files, other extensions are not supported. It also provides easy navigation methods, including a toolbar and quick settings to stay on top of your SharePoint library.
This SharePoint Document Viewer application allows you to open the SharePoint libraries containing documents that are available on MS Office files. With this application you can view images, web pages, PDFs, text files, and other.
Features include support for the following types of documents:
• MS Office document files, including Word and Excel
• Images
• Web pages
• MS Office documents
• Text files
• Image files
SharePoint Document Viewer Free Download:
– [SharePoint Document Viewer for Microsoft Office XP / 2003]
• [SharePoint Document Viewer 5.1]
• [SharePoint Document Viewer 2010]
• [SharePoint Document Viewer 2013]
• [SharePoint Document Viewer 2016]
SharePoint Document Viewer Free Download APK:
• [SharePoint Document Viewer 13]
You can easily view all kinds of.bmp,.gif,.jpg,.jpeg,.png,.tif or other image files.
For file type not supported by SharePoint Document Viewer, you can choose other application to open them.
You can easily view all kinds of MS Office documents, MS Office documents, but you can not edit them.
The SharePoint Document Viewer application works as the SharePoint to extract metadata, find the content, and view these content.
The installed SharePoint Document Viewer allows you to view your web page files (.htm,.html, and other web pages).
That is, you can view the web page files (.htm,.html and other web pages) embedded in your SharePoint Document Viewer site.
This application displays your documents in a wider view, but it is a simple viewer application, you can not modify the meta.
If you want to edit the other file, you need to use an alternative application.
For more information on SharePoint Document Viewer for Microsoft Office, visit the SharePoint Document

What’s New In?

The SharePoint Document Viewer enables to open different files like: PDF, web pages, Microsoft Office documents and image files

You can preview the files you select in thumbnail view. The application supports file formats from MS Office 2003, 2007, MS Office 2010.
After preview, you can open the file in its‘ original size by choosing the „Open document“ button in the toolbar. You can also switch the view of the document to „Print“ button if you want the document to be printed directly.

You have the freedom to resize, move, zoom in and fit the document to the page or in the preview window.
Also, you can print the selected document from the toolbar.

SharePoint Document Viewer Features:

View and preview PDF documents in the browser

View and preview images in the browser

View and preview web pages in the browser

Save web pages as.htm,.html and.aspx for easy editing

View and preview MS Office documents in the browser

Open and view different file formats including: Microsoft Office documents, web pages,.htm,.html,.txt,.jpg,.jpeg,.png,.gif,.swf and many more. You can select and open multiple files at once in the interface.

Switch between file and editing view

Preview and resize selected files in thumbnails.

Print from the browser

The application is easy to use and there is a high accessibility of the controls. You can also use the „Open document“ button on the toolbar or „Print“ button to open the selected file in the default program or the default printer.

You can view and edit the selected file in the editing view mode. To switch between the file and the editing view, select „Edit in editor“ from the toolbar or click on the „Edit in editor“ button on the toolbar.

You can view your selected files in the preview mode. To open the selected file, select „Preview in editor“ from the toolbar or click on „Preview in editor“ button on the toolbar.

How to install SharePoint Document Viewer

To install SharePoint Document Viewer in SharePoint 2010 click on the gear menu at the top of the screen and select „Documents“. In the drop down box, select „SharePoint Document Viewer“.

Select the „Add a Web Part“ button to add the web part to the page.

Select the location where

System Requirements For SharePoint Document Viewer:

OS: Windows Vista (64-bit)
Processor: Intel® Core i3-600
Memory: 4GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel® Core i5-4570
Memory: 8GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560
Network: Broadband


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