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    Cracked XE-Filter With Keygen is a diskless email filtering software appliance that provides real-time tracking of email, allowing administrators to handle email for multiple client sub-domains and blocking email for unauthorized locales. To improve performance, the filtering software is embedded into the SMTP protocol stack in the Internet and/or ISP gateways. XE-Filter provides an administrative user interface to specify countries to allow or ban.
    This module is a MUST for any company with multiple accounts. It only takes a few minutes to set up and has resulted in a huge decrease in spam. I do not have one complaint about it.Mark Takera
    With XE-Filter, I am getting a much higher percentage of my outbound email correctly delivered. There is no need for any additional filtering software.Mona Townsend
A company of my acquaintance is running XE-Filter in its environment, and it is already improving their email experience.Toby Carstens
    •  Diskless DIABLO Server: $1,850
    •  Diskless DIABLO Server with XE-Filter: $3,100
    •  Diskless DIABLO Server with XE-Filter configured for mailing list filtering: $3,400
For more information or to test drive:
    www.xelerance.comXE-Filter is brought to you by www.Xelerance.com, a privately held eBusiness application development consultancy and managed service provider based in Huntsville, AL with clients throughout the U.S. and Europe. As a service, they provide the scalable software and expert consulting services needed to build the next generation of applications. For more information please visit:
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#1 Anti-Spam XE-Filter
XE-Filter is an add-on that performs country-centric spam filtering using the IP address of the sending mail server. This sending IP address is used in conjunction with a locally cached IP-to-country database to quickly determine the originating location. Should the country be found among the banned

XE-Filter With Key Download

XE-Filter can be used with:
■ Existing email filtering software and systems. It does not require a change to the existing mail filters.
■ Outsourced, hosted email services that offer sophisticated spam filters.
■ Antispam appliances and spam protection solutions that claim to be „unfiltered“, meaning that they pass all email messages through the filtering system. But, in reality, such systems process email messages by building a „blacklist“ or „whitelist“ to check for certain known spam threats, then move those messages to another queue for human inspection.
■ Read email messages that have been accepted by mail servers. That way, you can receive email messages even if the messages pass through other mail servers before they reach your own mail server.
■ Read email messages from Mail Transfer Agents that are forwarded from other mail servers before they reach your mail server. You still can read them, even if the filtered mail servers reject the messages.
■ This filtering does not require a change to the mail servers. XE-Filter can be installed as an add-on to the mail server.
■ Real-time monitoring of email messages before the mail messages reach your mail server.
■ XE-Filter can be configured to block email messages when the sending IP address is found in the defined country list.
■ No changes are needed to any mail servers.
XE-Filter was designed with several features:
■ To comply with US legislation and avoid using an IP address based blacklist, XE-Filter should not be used as a „blacklist“, but only a „whitelist“. That way, only email messages that pass through one or more whitelisted IP addresses are acceptable to your mail server.
■ XE-Filter allows you to specify allowed countries. You can choose to accept any country that is not listed in the country list, you can allow any country that is listed in the country list and you can even reject any country that is listed in the country list.
■ The IP-to-Country database is stored locally in the XE-Filter server. Any time a new IP address is found in the country list, the database is updated, then the new IP address is added to the whitelist.
■ IP addresses and country list are provided only as a convenience to the user and are not used to identify the sending mail server

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XE-Filter is an innovative solution to email and IP filtering.
It offers an efficient, cheap and simple way to filter unwanted e-mails from unknown and unknown sender IPs. The filter logic is based on a locally cached database of IP-to-country information.
Essentially, XE-Filter provides a way to limit email traffic to a set of known countries, thus effectively blocking email traffic from unknown sending IPs.
Unlike any other e-mail filtering solution, XE-Filter uses IP address to determine source country.
XE-Filter’s user-friendly GUI, easy configuration and options to control the number of countries and messages to be processed are designed to speed up and simplify the administrative task in filtering foreign e-mails.
This add-on works under XE-Mail; XE-Mail is currently the most popular e-mail product used by businesses around the globe, and XE-Filter will work perfectly with it.
XE-Filter is not meant to replace or be a replacement for any mail delivery solution, nor a POP3/IMAP4/IMAP exchange product. It should only be used as a safety net in filtering mail messages that does not pass the existing e-mail filters and as a scalability means for e-mail filtering as you outgrow your existing mail filter solution.
Please note that XE-Filter does not enforce any e-mail policies or even functions as a policing mechanism. It is not meant to be a replacement for your existing e-mail software. It merely offers a mechanism to e-mail administrators to quickly and effectively catch spam and to reduce the overall number of spam messages.
■ What XE-Filter does
■ IP-to-Country information database
■ Whitelist countries
■ Blacklist IP addresses
■ Mail filtering on a country basis using a locally cached IP-to-country database
■ Messages refusal at the SMTP protocol level
■ Improved e-mail efficiency due to dropped spam messages
■ Email Filtering Easier than DNS Blacklist Servers
■ Messaging list:
o Customized list of countries you want to allow
o Customized list of countries you want to ban
■ Many available colors for messages‘ interface
■ Simple GUI, easy to use
■ Friendly UI with a progress bar, a log file and a detailed error report of each message

What’s New in the XE-Filter?

Software is released under GNU GPL.



XE-Filter Support and Documentation:

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System Requirements For XE-Filter:

4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti/AMD Radeon R9 FuryX/X-series
DirectX 11.2 compatible system (DX11)
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012 / Windows Server 2008 R2 (32-bit)
Recommended Video Card:
Hardware Guide:
Product Description:
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