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Multi Unlocker Key V 56

Apr 18, 2018
Download Alcatel Multi Unlocker Key V 55.0 and use it to calculate unlock code for your Huawei, Alcatel and BB devices.

Anti-Theft Software
Anti-Theft Software – Samsung,.. This application will monitor your phone, back-up your phone & provide you with a brand new IMEI & MEID.

Counterfeit Phone Fence
Counterfeit Phone Fence – Samsung,.. Meant to help you find out if your phone is a counterfeit, fake or bootlegged.

Screen Saver
Screen Saver – Android, iPhone,. Features: • On/Off • Pause/Resume •… Last Known Location • Date and time of last location •…

Legal Pages

When the user executes a search term, the software will display the results on each page as well as the page in the middle where you can find the more information about the search. The user can click directly to the most specific page or use the tools to skip to the second most specific page.


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What does „is known to you“ mean in Istvan Csank’s answer?

I was reading this post on software-engineering.SE
and I came across this answer

As a frequent user of Polish native speakers in this chat, I have to say: „to make it clear“ is my strongest bias, and so it is a strong bias of my native speakers, in their responses to the example at least. That is why they „understood“ it was a case of mistaken identity, and they have no other guess in this matter, in fact.

and in my mind is the bold part incorrect, I think it has to do with the Is used in this sentence.
So, is it just that my intuition is off, or that the is in this answer is being used in a different way? Or are there other more obvious interpretations?


Yes, your answer is correct.
If the example was „I want to have one million dollars“, no native speaker would understand that as the speaker meant „I want to have a million dollars“. The is a relative pronoun which refers back to the previous topic („I want to have a million dollars“) and has a possess


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