AutoCAD Crack+ Free Download [Win/Mac] (April-2022)

Open Source AutoCAD Activation Code Alternatives:

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Most of the open source AutoCAD alternatives below can be found by clicking on the links in the description below.

AutoDesk AnyCAD

AutoDesk AnyCAD is a project aimed at providing a CAD (computer-aided design) toolkit that is largely independent of the specific AutoCAD product. The toolkit is available for free download from SourceForge. You need to register and download AnyCAD to get the full download.


AutocadPython is a powerful and easy-to-use Python API for AutoCAD. The API provides access to the AutoCAD drawing files and drawings created using AutoCAD. It is very easy to use and almost as powerful as AutoCAD.


CadCASte is a CAD/CAM and graphics computer-aided design (CAD/CAM) system. It includes a CAD program and a CAM system that work together to automate the design and production of precision products. It runs on Windows and Linux and is Open Source.

CadCASte – its Open Source AutoCAD alternative

cadCASte is an Open Source CAD/CAM system. It is a highly configurable and cost-effective CAM software application for designing, manufacturing and assembling precision components. It is written in C++ using the Open Source software Qt.


CadPilot is a CAD software application for use on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. It is a free, open-source, multi-platform software application that provides the functionality of traditional CAD/CAM software packages. It is programmed in C++ and designed to be easy to use. It is also cross-platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Cadriver is a complete CAD system for Linux. It includes a comprehensive editor with support for all AutoCAD types of features. You can use Cadriver for designing 2D graphics, 2D text, 3D models, and mechanical parts, or you can use it as a simple CAD application for 2D drawing.


CADOpener is an Open Source CAD application for Windows, Linux, and Mac. The main focus of CADOpener is to provide an Open Source alternative for AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Crack + 2022 [New]

External tools

Autodesk includes the following software products in its CAD Tools portfolio:
Design Review 3D
Design Review 3D (Macintosh only)
3D SceneRenderer
Multi-User 3D
Multi-User 3D (Macintosh only)
3D Interactive Rendering and Visualization
3D Interactive Rendering and Visualization (Macintosh only)
Lifecycle Manager
Autodesk Pollution Reporter
Autodesk Pollution Reporter (Macintosh only)
Revit Architecture
Revit Architecture (Macintosh only)
Revit MEP
Autodesk MEP (Macintosh only)
Autodesk Energy Design
Autodesk Energy Design (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Architecture (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD Electrical
AutoCAD Electrical (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD MEP (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD Plant 3D
AutoCAD Plant 3D (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD Mechanical
AutoCAD Mechanical (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD PLM (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD Video
AutoCAD Video (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD Architecture Fundamentals
AutoCAD Architecture Fundamentals (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD Electrical Fundamentals
AutoCAD Electrical Fundamentals (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD Mechanical Fundamentals
AutoCAD Mechanical Fundamentals (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD LightWave 3D
AutoCAD LightWave 3D (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD Mechanical 3D
AutoCAD Mechanical 3D (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD Finite Element Analysis
AutoCAD Finite Element Analysis (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD Plant
AutoCAD Plant (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD Mechanical
AutoCAD Mechanical (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD Structural Analysis
AutoCAD Structural Analysis (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD Architectural Design
AutoCAD Architectural Design (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD Construction
AutoCAD Construction (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD Electrical
AutoCAD Electrical (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD Electrical MESH
AutoCAD Electrical MESH (Macintosh only)
AutoCAD Mechanical
AutoCAD Mechanical (

AutoCAD Download

2. Open keygen and choose output format
Choose an output format.
As an example:
Format: XMV
Output: XMV

3. Add products
Insert lineart (picture)
Extract, assign to layer and then save.
When prompted for export type in *.xwmv

Step 3. Install and run VRemDrv

1. Install VRemDrv
VRemDrv should be installed with Autocad R18.
2. Unzip the file to a safe place.
3. Run the VRemDrv.exe
4. Select the name of the VRemDrv.exe to create the following files:
1) VRemDrv.sys (64bit)
3) VRemDrv.scr
4) VRemDrv.scm
6) VRemDrv.db (XDDB)
VRemDrv will launch.

5. Install the driver

1. Change the VRemDrv.scr to something like VRemDrv.scr.old
2. Right click VRemDrv.exe and choose to install the driver.
If asked, install to the default location (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\VRemDrv).
3. When prompted, select VRemDrv.scr.old and then restart the computer.

6. Run the VRemDrv.exe
7. Select to start VRemDrv.exe.
8. Select a shortcut for VRemDrv.exe on the desktop or the start menu (Favorites folder).
9. When prompted, select VRemDrv.scr (this is
10. When prompted for save location, do not select „Create a new save location“ as you will need to do this later.
11. When prompted for a product, click „Select a product to install“ and select the *.xwmv you exported with Autocad.
12. When asked if you want to open with VRemDrv.scr.old or, choose
13. When finished, V

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Simplify the design review process by adding content to your drawings with AutoCAD content management. Attach, merge, delete, reorder and insert content with a right-click. Works with content on web pages, CAD models, CSV, Excel and so much more.


Save time by analyzing your workflows to identify bottlenecks and potential opportunities for optimization. Quickly optimize your code, without coding: with detailed error messages, find issues and opportunities to streamline your code for a faster, more efficient workflow.

Your custom workflows are faster and easier to create with the Block Editor UI. Create custom blocks that can be used to apply actions to multiple drawings and workflows, as well as add your own application logic.

Visualize and compare design changes. See how a set of options affects a single or a group of drawings. With a single click, you can toggle between multiple views, display different details and see how a design is affected by multiple changes.

Autodesk Suites:

An all-in-one solution for CAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows, AutoCAD AutoLISP fully supports building, fabrication, architecture, infrastructure and more.

Sync and share:

Model changes you make on one computer can be synced to all your other computers, devices, and computers through the cloud.

The sync and share experience lets you share projects across all devices, including personal desktop and mobile devices, along with the web-based web tools. This shared model can be accessed by anyone and shared to the cloud, helping your team stay on track and getting real-time updates when changes are made.

Simplify and speed up 3D printing:

Add 3D modeling and building data directly to 3D print models, eliminating the need to convert 2D CAD designs to 3D before printing.

This streamlined workflow allows you to print without extra work. Place and edit 3D objects in the Block Editor and start 3D printing directly from AutoCAD.

With 3D printing technology becoming increasingly available to the masses, it’s time to take advantage of the innovation and ease of 3D printing and incorporate it into your CAD design process.

Faster Enterprise Autodesk 360:

Automate your business processes with your own plug-ins and add new business features such as Process Orchestration, Workforce

System Requirements:

OS: Win XP SP3, Win7, 8, Vista, 10, Mac OS X v10.6 or above
CPU: Intel Celeron (Solo, Atom) or equivalent
HDD: 200 MB
Graphics: GeForce GT 200 or ATI Radeon HD 2600 or above with 2GB memory
Sound card: DirectX 9.0c compatible Sound card
Hard disk space: 5 GB
OS: Win XP SP3, Win7, 8, Vista,


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